Heavy-psych band Crypt Trip release music video and new album, Haze Country

Haze Country was released March 8, on Heavy Psych Sounds

Based in San Marcos, Texas, Crypt Trip is a psychedelic hard-rock trio, bent on creating authentic, retro sounding rock that reaches to the 1970’s for its influence. The band produces a hard rocking sound and adds in their unique touch of southern and country vibes, all tinged in psychedelia.

Their new record, Haze Country, was released on March 8, 2019 by Heavy Psych Sounds and is a follow up to their January, 2018 album, Rootstock. The album is an eclectic mixture of sounds and themes that may remind listeners of early Rush, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, or The Allman Brothers Band, but it is done with appreciation of their style, not in an attempt to mimic what made them unique. The addition of tasteful pedal steel parts, provided by Geoff Queen, is a great touch. The band recorded with analog equipment, giving the record a warm classic rock sound. Complete with motorcycles and a 70’s motif, even the album art is retro, channeling some Easy Rider/James Gang energy. Buy the vinyl or digital album through Heavy Psych Sounds Records.

The first half of the album is high energy and fast paced. The first song, Forward, sets the tone with a driving rhythm section and tasteful use of steel guitar. Hard Times picks up the pace progressively, with riffy transitions, melodic vocals, and existential lyrics. Tightly tuned drums and the shimmering cymbals sound great and the reverb on the guitars is paired with the thick, harmonizing bass. Don’t miss the gong in the intro. The high energy continues as To Be Whole opens with an epic, fast paced intro and features poetic vocals that ponder love and existence, while the band provides plenty of jazzy jams. The next track, Death After Life, explores esoteric themes such as life and death with a distinct heavy blues sound. Some outstanding parts of the song are the harmonized guitar leads, heavy use of wah pedals, hand percussion, and great sounding bass. Wrapping up the first half, Free Rain is a heavy, blues-structured song with an interlude featuring harmonized vocals.

For the second half, things slow down and allow the album to breathe. The pedal steel returns on Wordshot, and the band explores some lower key sounds, with great use of phasers and harmonic layers throughout. 16 Ounce Blues is a country-tinged ode to motorcycles as well as a lament against the law. Pastures is a short, dreamy, acoustic instrumental, that slows things way down right before Gotta Get Away closes out the album in dramatic fashion. Gotta Get Away is a hard-hitting rocker, as well as a vehicle to a killer drum solo done in the tradition of greats like Bonham’s Moby Dick or Bill Ward’s Rat Salad. The music video that accompanies the song features a groovy vintage feel. Don’t miss the video, the album, or the band’s upcoming tour dates.

Mar 29 Villa K – Bludenz, Austria

Mar 30 Coq D’or – Olten, Switzerland

Apr 01 Café Trauma – Marburg, Germany

Apr 05 Cafe Tikolor – Erfurt, Germany

Apr 06 Gaststätte Eichenkranz – Dresden, Germany

Apr 11 Roadburn Festival – Tilburg, Netherlands

May 16 Monolith On The Mesa – Taos, NM

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