A Billion Faces, the heavy new single by English metal band, Gandalf the Green

Gandalf the Green is a three-piece psychedelic doom band from Huddersfield, England. The band produces heavy, fuzzy, riff-centric music, with strong psychedelic vibes.

Their new single, A Billion Faces, was released on March 28. It was recorded in Dec, 2018 in Phipps Hall at the University of Huddersfield and is a follow up to their September 16 release, King of the Ashes. It’s a long song, clocking in at 13 and a half minutes.

The composition contains three sections, separated by brief pauses. The guitar and bass are fuzzy and tuned low and the drums sound huge. Flint’s voice has a yell-like quality: aggressive without sacrificing melody, much like vocals on Elder’s self-titled album or Sleep’s Dopesmoker.

The first section opens with a dark and deep bass melody which is soon complemented by surprising clean guitar tones and drums. Soon, the song builds into a heavy, chugging headbanger.

After the first part fades and the second sections opens, the band explores the riff with a groovier feel featuring plenty of delay, wah pedal, and overdrive. The beautiful harmonic plucks on the guitar set the tone for the song. Flint’s vocals return briefly for a chorus reprise before things venture off into more exploratory jamming.

The third section of the song is completely instrumental and very heavy. It again explores the same heavy riff from the beginning, but this time in a more urgent, intense fashion, like a stomping, doom march. The song slows down until it sonically unravels into a wall of screams and feedback, bringing the song to a dramatic end.

The song can be purchased on Bandcamp. Also, check out the song and concert dates below.

Tour dates

April 21 Red Halo Live Sound – Manchester, England

May 5 Brewery Tap – City of Bradford, England

May 18 The Fenton – Leeds, England

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