The Sonic Sofa gets reupholstered by Steven Yoyada

The Sonic Sofa, by Steven Yoyada

One of the best things about writing on a website is the opportunities it provides to interact with different bands and artists. Through one of these interactions, I was able to have some new art commissioned for the site. New this month, The Sonic Sofa is featuring brand new artwork by legendary stoner rock artist, Steven Yoyada.

Yoyada has done work for Telekinietic Yeti

Yoyada, based in Indonesia, is a prolific artist who produces graphic designs for bands and websites. His fantasy based art has been influenced by such greats as Arik Roper and Frank Frazetta. Yoyada mainly produces album covers, t-shirts, and tour posters, but he also specializes in t-shirt designs as well as graphics for beer cans and bottle labels.

I first saw Steven’s work in 2020 and began following his Facebook page. He has done work for so many artists and big names in the stoner rock community. This includes work for Weedian, Windhand, Red Fang, and Mothership, just to name a few.

Dope design for Twin Wizard

The diversity of Steven’s work is also impressive. His work runs the stoner rock gamut, employing so much great imagery and attention to detail. Much of his wok includes vans, skulls, babes, barbarians, swords, spaceships, wizards, planets, etc. Check out his Instagram page for some hi-def uploads of his work.

Design for The Goddess of Green

It was really easy to work with Steven, making a plan for the website artwork. I was able to provide the dimensions I needed, as well as a few baseline ideas for the work, and then Steven took it from there. He was great to work with through the whole process, showing previews of the work and checking in to make sure I liked the design.

If you’re interested in having work commissioned by Steven Yoyada, he can be contacted by email:

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