New EP “Games” by Split Parasite

Games was released in December, 2022

Split Parasite is an alternative rock band from Fort Wayne, Indiana. The group was formed by guitarist and vocalist, “Ghosty” Sam Baker, and drummer and vocalist, Aaron Bushong, both of The Great Flood Catastrophe fame. Split Parasite produces a catchy mix of progressive, alternative rock, in the vein of bands like Incubus and Deftones. Their debut self-titled EP was released in April, 2022, and is followed by their latest release, Games.

Games dropped in December. It was recorded and mixed by Caleb Lewis of Champion O.I. Records. Caleb also provides additional guitars for the band’s live performances. Vocals were recorded by Ghosty Productions. Bass work was provided by Ryan Hart, also formerly of The Great Flood Catastrophe.

  1. The Weather 3:12
  2. Soft Division 2:55
  3. Games 4:13
  4. The Worst Thing is to Live Without 5:05

The EP clocks in at 15 minutes with four riffy tracks. Opener, The Weather, sets the standard for the EP with a killer guitar sound, progressive drums, and great vocal harmonies with some clever wordplay. Check out the cool 7/4 timing on the verses and that headbanger outro. Soft Division establishes serious groove, accentuated by creative guitar patterns, an incredible low-end bass tone, and some nice synth tones recorded by Bushong. Don’t miss innovative chord progressions and a heavy, Deftones-style changeup on Games. Closing track, The Worst Thing is to Live Without, features some super tasty vocal harmonies and an awesome chorus riff. Listen for a Baker’s nice guitar lead at the end of the track, underscored by Bushong’s tasty shuffle pattern on drums.

Games is a seriously groovy and creative EP from start to finish, and is a great followup to their Self-Titled EP. You can find it on Spotify. The band is active on social media and Youtube. There’s been no announcement of a physical release or future show dates, but hopefully we’ll be hearing more from the group, with fingers crossed for a full-length album.

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