“Demonic Bongolic Cannabinoise” Debut EP by Bongoloid

Demonic Bongolic Cannabinoise released Dec 27, 2022

Bongoloid is the cannabinoisy doom metal project of Franciso Calvinho, a multi-instrumentalist based in Rafaela, Argentina. His exploratory and experimental debut EP, Demonic Bongolic Cannabinoise, was released in December. It’s like a bowl fully packed with stoner doom riffs and weedy lyrics. If cannabis infused vocals, trance-inducing rhythms, and chunky doom tones are your bread and cannabutter, you’ll dig Bongoloid.

  1. By The Lighter And The Bowl 06:37
  2. The Altar Of The God Of Bong 3:15
  3. The Color Of Ashes 06:24
  4. Smoke & Mirrors 04:07

The guitars are thickly layered, providing thick walls of trance-inducing riffs and feedback infused leads, like on opener, By the Lighter and the Bowl. Frequent coughing and sustained bong hits are employed throughout the EP and used like additional instruments. The words are primarily cannabis oriented, as indicated by the song titles, and the smoky lyrics are delivered yell style, like early Elder, with occasional hardcore vocals like on the “creepy” The Color of Ashes. On the bottom line, Francisco lays down unique pattern-oriented beats, soaked in dubby reverb, paired with a thick, doomy bass tone, notable on The Altar of the God of Bong and instrumental closer, Smoke & Mirrors. The EP features trippy art provided by Tercer Ojo Disenio. It’s available on Bandcamp for $3.

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