The Sonic Sofa gets reupholstered by Steven Yoyada

The Sonic Sofa, by Steven Yoyada

One of the best things about writing on a website is the opportunities it provides to interact with different bands and artists. Through one of these interactions, I was able to have some new art commissioned for the site. New this month, The Sonic Sofa is featuring brand new artwork by legendary stoner rock artist, Steven Yoyada.

Yoyada has done work for Telekinietic Yeti

Yoyada, based in Indonesia, is a prolific artist who produces graphic designs for bands and websites. His fantasy based art has been influenced by such greats as Arik Roper and Frank Frazetta. Yoyada mainly produces album covers, t-shirts, and tour posters, but he also specializes in t-shirt designs as well as graphics for beer cans and bottle labels.

I first saw Steven’s work in 2020 and began following his Facebook page. He has done work for so many artists and big names in the stoner rock community. This includes work for Weedian, Windhand, Red Fang, and Mothership, just to name a few.

Dope design for Twin Wizard

The diversity of Steven’s work is also impressive. His work runs the stoner rock gamut, employing so much great imagery and attention to detail. Much of his wok includes vans, skulls, babes, barbarians, swords, spaceships, wizards, planets, etc. Check out his Instagram page for some hi-def uploads of his work.

Design for The Goddess of Green

It was really easy to work with Steven, making a plan for the website artwork. I was able to provide the dimensions I needed, as well as a few baseline ideas for the work, and then Steven took it from there. He was great to work with through the whole process, showing previews of the work and checking in to make sure I liked the design.

If you’re interested in having work commissioned by Steven Yoyada, he can be contacted by email:

Sacred: The new album by Colour Haze

Sacred was released on September 14, 2022

Colour Haze is a four-piece band from Munich, Germany. They formed in 1994 and are one of the most influential German stoner rock groups active today. The group produces a detailed audioscape of psychedelic music. The songs are filled with progressive drumming and riffs, soothing and spacy keyboard tones, incredibly catchy guitar hooks, and positive vocals. Since the mid-90’s, the group has released 13 full length albums as well as a handful of live albums and numerous EP’s. Now, the group is back with their 14th full length, Sacred.

Sacred clocks in at 42 minutes with seven tracks. Cover art for the album was created by graphic and tattoo artist, Sara Koncilja. The album was released through Elektrohasch and was recorded live by Willi Dammeier at Clouds Hill in Hamburg. Mixing and mastering was done at the band’s own Colour Haze Studio by founding singer and guitarist, Stefan KoglekIf.

If you’ve followed the Sonic Sofa for any length of time, you’ll know that I often refer to Koglek’s recognizable and influential guitar style. Koglek is joined again by Manfred Merwald on drums, Mario Oberpucher on bass, and Jan Faszbender on keys. Together, they have created an album that radiates good vibes and wicked musicality. Positive, poetic lyrics, delivered in Koglek’s unique, raspy melodies, encourage listeners and prompt them to look to nature, and not the material world, for fulfillment and guidance. Musically, listeners are treated to progressive riffs with insanely catchy guitar hooks, intriguing keyboard layers, and a technically progressive rhythm section.

1. Turquoise 6:09
2. Goldmine 4:35
3. Ideologigi 8:58
4. Avatar 4:41
5. 1.5 Degrees 3:37
6. See The Fools 6:54
7. In All You Are 6:58

Turquoise opens the album and sets the standard with a rich tapestry of low-key psych sounds and distinctive guitar tones. Listen for same tasty drum work, a thick bass tone, and some spacy synths. Goldmine features a growly riff, a super catchy guitar hook, and low key melodic vocals which discuss materialism and human nature. On Idiologigi, listen for progressive music with complex time signatures, and an awesome closing jam. Koglek’s lyrics reject religious dogma and encourage free thought. Avatar opens with some nice harmonies on strings. The lyrics discuss the shallowness of social media culture. Listen for a cool middle-eastern sounding keyboard lead.

1.5 Degrees, a possible allusion to the Paris Climate Agreement, opens with acoustic guitars and an ethnic feel, giving way to an overdriven, distorted guitar riff. See the Fools features some nice, progressive stoner rock riffs, some great organ and string keyboard layers, and reflective vocals about peace, equality, and anti-violence. The closer, In All Your Are is incredibly encouraging lyrically, especially during the closing melodies. Listen for a crisp bass tone paired with some tasty, faster paced drums and a vibrant synth tone that fills out the track nicely.

Colour Haze performing live

Where can we find it: You can find Colour Haze’s new album, Sacred, on Bandcamp where you can download the digital album for under $9. According to their website, vinyl will be available in October and CD’s should be available later this month. The full album, with lyrics, has also been released on the band’s YouTube channel. The band is active on social media as well as their website.


Sep 24 Rockhouse – Salzburg, Austria

Sep 26 Connexion – Toulouse, France

Sep 27 Kafe Antzokia – Bilbao, Spain

Sep 28 Hard Club – Porto, Portugal

Sep 29 Nazca – Madrid, Spain

Sep 30 Tabernas Rock Festival – Almeria, Spain

Oct 1 Upload – Barcelona, Spain

Oct 2 Le Molotov – Marseille, France

Oct 7 Asta Kneipe – Rosenheim, Germany

Oct 8 Hansa 39 Keep It Low – Munchen, Germany

Evidence of Immortality: New doom metal album from Conan

Evidence of Immortality was released on August 19th

Conan, the three piece doom metal band from Liverpool, are back with their fifth full length, Evidence of Immortality. Formed in 2006, the group has delivered a consistently heavy barrage of “caveman battle doom.” Down-tuned to the extreme and amplified as loudly as possible, the riffage, thunderous rhythm section, and tortured sounding vocals conjure images of blood-soaked battlefields and cosmic monsters; in other words, great escapist stoner rock. The lyrics are also mixed with just the right amount of nihilistic philosophy in the vein of Robert E Howard and Lovecraft. Conan is to doom what High on Fire is to thrash-stoner, but don’t get hung too up on genres: The important thing is that with Evidence of Immortality, Conan has once again delivered one of the heaviest records available today.

1. A Cleaved Head No Longer Plots 10:23
2. Levitation Hoax 5:29
3. Ritual Of Anonymity 3:36
4. Equilibrium Of Mankind 8:23
5. Righteous Alliance 8:34
6. Grief Sequence 14:29

Evidence of Immortality was released on August 19, 2022. It clocks in at 51 minutes with six songs. Personnel include founding guitarist/vocalist, Jon Davis, bassist Chris Fielding, who first appeared on 2014’s Blood Eagle, and drummer Johnny King, who joined before the recording of 2018’s Existential Void Guardian. Long time band artist Tony Roberts once again completely captures the feel of the band with some gnarly battlefield album art. The album was released through Napalm Records.

Conan – Levitation Hoax

Album opener, A Cleaved Head No Longer Plots, clocks in at over 10 minutes (typical Conan song length) with slow, monolithic riffs and a huge drum sound. Pay attention for some cool phaser effects and a snarly guitar solo. Levitation Hoax was the first single released for the new album, accompanied by a hilariously brutal music video. Davis and Fielding’s, “I am the unborn son, of the unborn son,” chant is pretty catchy, and don’t miss the head banger last half. Ritual of Anonymity, the shortest song on the album, features some groovy rhythm sections and some positively thrashy sections.

Jon Davis of Conan, during a 2018 concert

Equilibrium of Mankind features some huge buildups, heavy-blues sounding riffs when it gets into it, and tortured, existential battle vocals. It’s also got a great interlude with a seriously groovy drum beat and huge sounding cymbals. The double kick at the end is an awesome touch. Righteous Alliance was the album’s second single. It’s embedded below, so give it a listen. The sound is classic Conan, with dark riffs and a chunky bass tone. Listen for the catchy, “Cometh the righteous alliance,” lyrics and don’t miss the slow, doom jam at the end. Grief Sequence, the longest track, is an instrumental slow burn with the addition of some funeral-doom, haunted house style organ synths provided by former bandmember Dave Perry.

You can find Evidence of Immortality as Conan’s back catalogue on Bandcamp. The digital download is available for $10. A double LP of the record is available for $23, along with tons of other cool merch and copies of back albums, through Napalm Records. The band is active on social media.

Tour Dates

Sep 22 L’Homme Sauvage Festival, Auzas – Toulouse, France

Sons of Arrakis release epic debut album

Volume 1 was released on July 15th

Sons of Arrakis are a four-piece stoner rock band from Montréal, Quebec. The group formed in 2019 with a strong affinity for the writings of Frank Herbert. Their name and much of their work reference Dune, the sci-fi series by Herbert. The band refers to their work as “Melange rock and cinematic sci-fi rock.” Melange refers to the hallucinogenic spice drug from Dune. For stoner rock fans who also enjoy Herbert’s work, you’re in for a real sci-fi treat, but for the casual stoner rock fan, don’t worry: You don’t have to be familiar with the book series to enjoy the music, although Sons of Arrakis may make you want to check out the books or movies.

Musically, the band delivers massive doses of seriously groovy riff rock and fantasy lyrics in the vein of bands like The Sword and Telekinetic Yeti. Volume 1, the band’s debut record, was released in July. It’s both epic and brisk, clocking in at a cool 30 minutes with eight tracks. In the past, my friend Nashville Eric and I judged good albums, such as Led Zeppelin III, on their ability to leave you wanting more. Sons’ Volume 1 will leave you wanting more and looking forward to Volume 2.

1. Shai-Hulud 1:33
2. The Black Mirror 3:43
3. Complete Obliteration 4:01
4. Temple of the Desert 4:26
5. Omniscient Messiah 4:12
6. Lonesome Preacher 5:13
7. Abomination 4:37
8. Shai-Hulud (Sequel) 2:19

Frédéric Couture’s vocals are dynamic and high flying, delivered in his own unique style, with catchy melodies. The Black Mirror gives a good example of Couture’s high register. He also executes some nice harmonies, even evoking some Alice in Chains vibes on Complete Obliteration. Lyrically, the album discusses some hefty themes such as philosophy, warfare, religion, and systematic subjugation, all with that subtle Frank Herbert influence. Many of the tracks, such as Shai Hulud, Abomination, Omniscient Messiah, and Lonesome Preacher also reference characters in the Duniverse. Lyrics here.

Alexandre Goulet’s sci-fi graphic design adds authenticity and feel to the band’s mystique

Francis Duchesne on lead guitars along with Couture on rhythm guitars establish an absolutely fuzzy juggernaut of chuggy, progressive riffs with strong heavy blues vibes. They set the heavy bluesy mood on instrumental opener, Shai Hulud, which is also continued on the album closer, Shai Hulud Sequel. There are also awesome dual guitar leads throughout. Listen to Temple of the Desert, Abomination, and Complete Obliteration for some prime dual guitar leads. Complete Obliteration and Omniscient Messiah also feature blazing guitar solos.

Mathieu Racine’s drum sound is groovy and in the pocket. From the very start, the drummer sets the standard for the album with some heavy blues style. Check out Temple of the Desert for an awesome bluesy shuffle pattern. He’s got chops too. Listen to the start and finish of Abomination for some technical and fast drumming, in the vein of Trivett Wingo of The Sword fame. On bass, Vick Trigger is the perfect rhythmic counterpart, delivering track after track of deep grooves, perfectly in sync with Racine’s drum patterns. Get lost in the deep groove of tracks like Omniscient Messiah and Abomination, where the powerhouse pair deliver tasty change-ups and progressive jams.

Official music video for Omniscient Messiah, directed by Arturo Baston. Monster modeled and animated by Albert Calle Joamat

Volume 1 is available for digital download on Bandcamp for Name Your Price! Vinyl is available for $30 and CDs for just over $10. The band’s graphic artist, Alexandre Goulet, did an awesome job of creating Dune-influenced art for the band, and the band has a poster and t-shirts featuring many of the spacy designs on their merch page. An interview and live acoustic recording of the band was recently featured on a podcast by The Stoner Rock Army‘s The General, Eric Varasifsky. Also, check out Distorted Sound Magazine’s article, which goes in depth (SPOILERS) regarding the band’s direct Dune references.

Heavy debut by Realm Drifter

Realm Drifter’s self-titled album was released on July 11, 2022

This week, The Sonic Sofa is featuring the heavy new album by Realm Drifter. The four-piece stoner-doom band from Fort Worth, TX have amped up their game with their debut, self-titled album. It features a slow and heavy metal sound, with plenty of groovy riffs, a thick, gnarly bass tone, edgy melodic vocals, and a bluesy heavy drum sound. The five song album clocks in at a beefy 44 minutes, and features artwork by, Cameron Hinojosa, a freelance graphic designer who primarily focuses on the independent music community. I hope the wizard figure on the album cover is toasting up some magical s’mores, because that sounds delicious. But seriously, the stripped down color palette and the fantasy art really compliment the dark mood and feel of the record.

1. Fire For Wolves 5:33
2. With No Name 9:58
3. Feeding Shadows 8:37
4. Sound of an Owl 12:10
5. Realm Drifter 7:51

The album opens with Fire for Wolves. Featuring a beefy bass tone and bluesy drum pattern, we’re also treated to melodic vocals with a touch of Neil Fallon’s edge, some high-reaching guitar solos, and a slow and heavy closing riff that brings echoes of Sabbath. With No Name clocks in at nearly 10 minutes and starts off with a nice psych intro that blossoms into a huge, gnarly riff. Listen for some tasty wah-pedal guitar leads and don’t miss that heavy stoner rock pattern that closes out the last quarter of the song. Feeding Shadows opens with an awesome bass line and features plenty of groovy riffs and a headbanger chorus. This track also gave me some Elder vibes from their early, heavier work. Sound of an Owl is the longest track on the album, clocking in at over 12 minutes, and spotlights plenty of slow and dark riffage, as does the dynamically ranged closer, Realm Drifter, which completes the classic trifecta of Band Name, Album Name, Song Name.

Independently released before the band signed with Gravitoyd Heavy Music, the album is making waves in the stoner rock community, including a review on Doomed Nation and a spot on the podcast, Hour of the Riff. Look for the album on Bandcamp where you can stream and download the digital album for $7. The band is also active on social media.

Primordial: Heavy new stoner rock album by Telekinetic Yeti

Primordial was released on July 8, 2022

Telekinetic Yeti is a stoner rock duo hailing from Dubuque, Iowa. Formed in 2015 on the basis of progressive guitar riffs, exploratory drum beats, and purely stoner rock lyrics, the band released their first album, Abominable, in 2017. Now, after five years and a change of drummers, Telekinetic Yeti is back with their much awaited second full-length, Primordial.

In the great tradition of stoner doom bands like Sleep and The Sword, Telekinetic Yeti brings progressive doom metal action from start to finish. Founding guitarist and vocalist, Alex Baumann, masterfully layers guitar tracks, developing a rich, full, and heavy sound, replete with chugging riffs and progressive patterns oozing with bluesy groove. Armed with an arsenal of guitar effects and pedals, Baumann’s interaction with the drums is tight and dynamic, constantly progressive and in the pocket. Listen for catchy, provocative leads which often take the place of vocals throughout, and especially on instrumental tracks, Stoned Ape Theory and Invention of Fire.

However, vocals do come more into play on Primordial, with Baumann displaying a more developed and sophisticated vocal range. The vocal styles make use of melodies and aggressive delivery. Lyrical imagery includes references to humanoids like in Beast and Cult of Yeti. Classic stoner rock topics abound in Toke Wizard and Rogue Planet, as well as with weed references in Ancient Nug and Ghost Train Haze.

Rockwell Heim joined the band in 2019, replacing founding member, Anthony Dreyer. Rockwell’s style is fluid and progressive, both complementing and exploring Baumann’s riffs. Heim brings the heaviness of drummers such as Chris Haikus and Jason Roeder of Sleep and mixes it with the complexity and speed of drummers like Wingo Trivett, original drummer of The Sword. In fact, Rogue Planet may be one of the fastest songs in their arsenal, driven by Heim’s fast, galloping beats. Listen for examples of Heim’s progressive complexity on tracks like Ancient Nug and Stoned Ape Theory. Don’t miss heavy changeups, syncopated patterns, and heavy breakdowns on most of the tracks, notable on opening track, Primordial, and Cult of Yeti.

The album is available on Bandcamp for digital download for $11. Vinyl is available in multiple color combinations through TeePee Records for $25. Do yourself a favor and listen to this album on the physical LP. It’s also available on CD for $13. The band is currently on tour promoting their new release with tour dates listed below. The band is active on social media.

Tour Dates

Jul 28 Smalls – Detroit, MI

Jul 31 Revival Room, Southgate House Revival – Newport, KY

Aug 01 The Empty Bottle – Chicago, IL

Aug 03 Lyric Room – Green Bay, WI

Aug 04 Wildwood Saloon – Iowa City, IA

Aug 06 Reverb Lounge – Omaha, NE

Aug 07 Globe Hall – Denver, CO

Aug 08 Aces High Saloon – Salt Lake City, UT

Aug 10 Substation – Seattle, WA

Aug 11 The Shakedown – Bellingham, WA

Aug 12 Rickshaw Theater – Vancouver, BC

Aug 13 The Bossanova Ballroom – Portland, OR

Aug 14 Cafe Colonial – Sacramento, CA

Aug 16 Bottom of the Hill – San Francisco, CA

Aug 17 Gigi’s Cocktail Lounge – Ventura, CA

Aug 18 The Echo – Los Angeles (LA), CA

Aug 19 Yucca Tap Room – Tempe, AZ

Aug 21 89th Street – Oklahoma City, OK

Aug 23 Exit In – Nashville, TN

Aug 25 Record Bar – Kansas City, MO

Aug 26 Red Flag – St Louis, MO

Aug 27 Skylark – Rock Island, IL

Aug 28 The Lift – Dubuque, IA

Aug 29 7th St Entry – Minneapolis, MN

Feel This, the groovy new album by Crobot

Feel This was released on June 3, 2022

There are many keywords that could describe Crobot: stoner rock, glam, dirty grooves, heavy riffs, grungy action, attitude. The truth is Crobot embodies all of these and more. The four piece group from Pottsville, PA has been violently administering heavy grooves since 2011 and are back with their fifth full length, Feel This. The album delivers in classic Crobot style, with riffs and high-flying vocals on 12 heavy, headbanging tracks.

1. Electrified 4:00
2. Dizzy 3:32
3. Set You Free 3:31
4. Better Times 3:33
5. Golden 3:57
6. Without Wings 4:35
7. Livin’ on the Streets 3:02
8. Into the Fire 3:04
9. Dance with the Dead 2:59
10. Holy Ghost 3:17
11. Never Break Me 3:24
12. Staring Straight Into the Sun 4:56

Vocalist, Brandon Yeagley, and guitarist, Chris Bishop, are the founding members of the group, carrying forth the vision of the band with renewed passion on Feel This, which was released in June. Yeagley’s impressive vocal range is well displayed on opener, Electrified, a fight song with a shock of adrenaline and fast paced riffs. If any of the tracks could be called a stadium anthem, it might be Set You Free, with it’s nice key board accents and catchy vocal hooks. Yeagley’s lyrics are laced with wit and wordplay, like on the Motley Crue-esque Livin’ on the Streets and the catchy, classic rock sounding track, Dance With the Dead. On riffs, Bishop’s guitars sound crunchy and groovy. Listen for his unique signature guitar effects, notable on the opener, the grungy track Golden, and Holy Ghost, which features lots of cool, heavy changeups. Dizzy features slower, dirtier riffs and a quick Tom Morello style solo. Don’t miss Bishop’s extended solo on closer, Staring Straight Into the Sun, which also features a fast changeup and extended jam at the end.

Crobot formed in 2011

Dan Ryan joined in 2018 and recorded drums on Motherbrain and bassist, Tim Peugh, joined the band in 2021. Ryan’s drumming is rock solid, perfectly synced with Peugh’s growly bass tone. Listen for some tight transitions on Better Times, and don’t miss that super heavy, progressive ending on Without Wings. Hang on for the ride on headbangers like Into the Fire, Holy Ghost, which features some impressive drum fills, and Never Break Me, another attitude filled track which highlights Peugh’s awesome bass tone.

Feel this is available for streaming and digital download on Bandcamp for under $9. It’s also available on transparent red and multi-color splatter vinyl, as well as CD, on their merch page. Interact with the band on social media and check out their live dates for an incredibly energetic, action-packed live show. I got to see Crobot in January, 2014, at Club Fever in South Bend, IN, opening for The Sword and Clutch. I was completely blown away by their insane level of charisma and energy. I got to meet Yeagley at the merch table after the show for a quick chat. I was impressed with how much of an animal he was on stage and how chill, down to Earth, and generally kind he was as a human. If you get a chance to witness Crobot live, don’t pass the opportunity.

Tour Dates

Aug 19 Psycho Las Vegas – Las Vegas, NV

Dec 16 Royal Circus (Cirque Royal/Koninklijk Circus) – Brussels, Belgium

Dec 21 O2 Victoria Warehouse – Manchester, UK

Dec 22 O2 Academy Brixton – London, UK

Paradox Paradigm: The spacy new album by Space Druids

Paradox Paradigm was released on June 21, 2022

Space Druids is a space rock band based in York, UK. The seven-piece group produces a progressive style of vintage-sounding psychedelic rock, dripping with layers of spacy FX, along with catchy and thought provoking sci-fi lyrics. The band released their first full-length, Paradox Paradigm, in June. Naming themselves the next Hawkwind, their retro-style will certainly appeal to their fans, as well as those of Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and even Sabbath, whose track Paranoid they covered in a very spacy way in 2019.

The 38 minute, nine track album is a follow-up to the group’s 2020 EP, Weird Tide, which featured female vocals by Nadezhda Rinkus. This time around, vocal duties are taken up by Danny Faulkner. Stylistically, Faulkner provides beautiful melodies, catchy harmonies, and lyrics that you’ll find yourself singing along to or humming later, like Hawkwind with a dash of Jim Morrison. Faulkner channels and gives voice to spacy lyrics written by Oz Hardwick, perhaps the most qualified lyricist to appear on this site. Hardwick is a published poet, author, and professor of English at Leeds Trinity University. His space-worship wordsmithing adds layers to the album, delving deep into interstellar-travel fantasies and philosophy, notably on the songs Astronomy and Afraid of Space. He also provides doses of satire and humor, as on the musical version of his published poem, Our Brand New Bodies, which effectively combines the languages of the golden age of sci-fi and advertising. Listen for Hardwick on the spoken voice portions of the album.

“We are the wanderers, who travel through time”

– Paradox PAradigm

The album features energetic and driving songs which have a tendency to explore extended spacy interludes, marinated in juicy layers of FX, keyboards, and instruments. The seamless quality of the song breaks also makes the album interesting, with many of the songs crossfading into the next. The bass has a great classic rock tone, often taking the lead throughout the album like on tracks Light Speed and Mutation Machine. The crisp-sounding, typically driving drum beats provide a solid pulse, occasionally providing some tricky cymbal work like on Mutation Machine, or some jazzy progressions like on closer, Paradox Paradigm.

1. Light Speed 04:53
2. Zygote 05:16
3. Astronomy 01:07
4. Afraid of Space 03:47
5. Mutation Machine 05:11
6. Stainless Steel Butterfly 05:49
7. Our Brand New Bodies 01:54
8. Trans-dimensional Highway 05:01
9. Paradox Paradigm 04:31

On the top end, listen for some funky, progressive guitar riffs and spacy solos, like on Trans-Dimensional Highway. The guitar is always at hand, delivering infectious hooks and interesting accents, soaked in ethereal reverb and FX. A standout on the album is the saxophone, constantly providing trippy solos and spacy layers to the tracks, notably on opener, Light Speed, and Zygote, which also features some chill Pink Floyd vibes. Listen for some spectacularly spacy and psychedelic sax and violin work on Trans-dimensional Highway. Also keep an ear our for some appealing flute parts and acoustic guitar work on Paradox Paradigm, as well some tasty synths on Stainless Steel Butterfly.

The album is available for NAME YOUR PRICE on Bandcamp. Currently the album is only available for streaming and digital download, though a physical CD release seems like a real possibility. Check out the album and follow the group on social media.

Sasquatch release heavy new album, Fever Fantasy

Fever Fantasy came out on June 3, 2022

Sasquatch is back with their sixth full length headbanger. The LA power trio released Fever Fantasy in June, and it is a heavy ride for all nine tracks. From epic opener, It Lies Beyond the Bay, Sasquatch are where they belong: in the driver’s seat with throttles wide open.

Craig Riggs, who joined the band for their previous album, Maneuvers, continues to provide a huge drum sound to back Keith Gibbs’s walls of fuzzy guitar riffs and Jason “Cas” Casanova’s growly bass tone. Gibbs also delivers plenty of catchy, attitude infused vocals, like on fifth track, Live Snakes.

1. It Lies Beyond The Bay 4:55
2. Lilac 4:14
3. Witch 4:43
4. Ivy 8:12
5. Live Snakes 4:03
6. Voyager 2:52
7. Part of Not Knowing 5:05
8. Save The Day, Ruin The Night 3:19
9. Cyclops 4:35

Sasquatch’s focus on emphasizing killer hooks is evident on high energy tracks like Lilac, and Save the Day, Ruin the Night. Listen for tight grooves and heavy buildups on Ivy. Some killer heavy blues riffs are released on Witch, Voyager, and Part of Not Knowing. On a few of the tracks, notably Witch and Ivy, tasty organ tones fill out the mix nicely.

On the back end, the album was recorded and mixed by Andrew Schneider who has been involved with the band’s production since II was released in 2006. Schneider has helped hone the band’s sound to it’s heaviest yet, with a raw, massive sound that easily translates to the stage. The cover artwork was created by Indonesia-based artist, Ian Permana, whose art, like a fever fantasy, beautifully blends fantasy and realism into something in between.

Clip of Voyager with full album-art visualization

If you’re into bands like Astroqueen, Nebula, Crobot, and Clutch, you’re going to dig Sasquatch. They’re hitting the road next month for an extensive tour which will cover North America, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The tour includes many of big rock festivals like Ripple Fest and Psycho Las Vegas. Find links to concerts and tickets on their website. Check them out on Bandcamp where you can order Fever Fantasy on vinyl or CD, browse tons of merch, and order back releases.

JUL 8 Mammothfest 2022 – Nea Karvali, Greece

JUL 15 Stoned From The Underground 2022 – Nöda, Germany

JUL 23 Ripplefest Texas – Austin, TX

JUL 25 Black Magic Social Club – Houston, TX

JUL 26 The Freetown Boom Boom Room – Lafayette, LA

JUL 27 Santos Bar – New Orleans, LA

JUL 28 Loosey’s – Gainesville, FL

JUL 29 Will’s Pub – Orlando, FL

JUL 30 The Wormhole Neighborhood Pub & Music Venue – Savannah, GA

JUL 31 Boggs Social & Supply – Atlanta, GA

AUG 2 TROLLEY PUB – Summerville, SC

AUG 3 Cafe 611 – Frederick, MD

AUG 4 Prost Bier and music hall – Griswold, CT

AUG 5 Saint Vitus Bar – New York, NY

AUG 6 The Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub – Cambridge, MA

AUG 7 The Piranha Bar – Montréal, QC

AUG 9 Brass Monkey – Nepean, ON

AUG 10 Hard Luck Bar – Toronto, ON

AUG 11 Westside Bowl – Youngstown, OH

AUG 12 Ace of Cups – Columbus, OH

AUG 13 Reggies Rock Club – Chicago, IL

AUG 14 Lyric Room – Green Bay, WI

AUG 15 7th Street Entry – Minneapolis, MN

AUG 16 Cosmic Eye Brewing – Lincoln, NE

AUG 17 Vultures – Colorado Springs, CO

AUG 18 Aces High Saloon – Salt Lake City, UT

AUG 19 Psycho Las Vegas Festival 2022 – Las Vegas, NV

AUG 20 Transplants Brewing Company – Palmdale, CA

AUG 21 Brick By Brick – San Diego, CA

SEP 1 VINNIES DIVE BAR – Southport, Australia

SEP 2 King Lear’s Throne – Fortitude Valley, Australia

SEP 3 The Vanguard – Newtown Nsw, Australia

SEP 4 The Baroque Room – Katoomba, Australia

SEP 7 La La La’s – Wollongong, Australia

SEP 8 The Basement Canberra – Belconnen, Australia

SEP 9 Singing Bird Studio – Frankston, Australia

SEP 10 Bendigo Hotel – Collingwood, Australia

SEP 11 ENIGMA BAR – Adelaide, Australia

SEP 15 Whammy Bar – Auckland, New Zealand

SEP 16 Valhalla – Wellington, New Zealand

SEP 17 12 Bar – Christchurch, New Zealand

Electric Mountain release high voltage desert rock album, Valley Giant

Valley Giant was released on May 27, 2022

The week, The Sonic Sofa travels to Mexico City for desert rock band Electric Mountain’s second full length release. The power trio burst onto the scene in 2013 with their classic rock influenced stoner rock sound, infused with plenty of high octane desert riffs. They put on a loud, headbanging show and have shared stages with Elder and Blackwater Holylight. Electric Mountain released their Self-Titled debut album in 2017. After a two-year hiatus, they’re back with their sophomore full length, Valley Giant, and it is well worth the wait.

Valley Giant was released in May on Electric Valley Records. It features beautiful extraterrestrial landscape art by Adam Burke of Nightjar Illustration. The album is nine tracks, clocking in at 46 minutes, though some streaming platforms include a tenth track, The Man. Throughout the record, the musicians blend a riffy blend of desert rock guitars and melodic vocals with a growly, driving rhythm section. What makes the album awesome are all of the extended, stoner rock turnarounds and classic rock breaks. It opens with short, heavy-blues intro, The Great Hall, and is a non-stop action ride until the lengthy and spacy closer, A Thousand Miles High. Filled with headbangers from start to finish, the album only slows down for a slight breather on the acoustic, At Last Everything, which also features some tasty vocal harmonies and hand percussion.

Electric Mountain formed in 2013

1. The Great Hall (Intro) 2:38
2. Outlanders 3:53
3. Morning Grace 5:14
4. Void 4:09
5. A Fistful of Grass 6:32
6. Desert Ride 5:00
7. Vulgar Planet 5:09
8. At Last Everything 4:31
9. A Thousand Miles High 8:41

Guitarist/vocalist Gibran Pérez pumps out the jams with fuzzy, heavy-blues riffs, and scorching solos infused with plenty of wah-pedal and phaser, and caps it off with clean, melodic vocals, that I felt like were reminiscent of early Sabbath, and possibly even Corrosion of Conformity. Drummer Max Cabrera keeps things solid and driving with some absolute balls to the walls drum beats and fills. Listen to the end of Outlanders for some Bonham-esque fills, and check out Desert Ride for some driving, desert rock drum-power. Jorge Trejo’s bass tone really stands out on the album, with a beefy tone, often spaced out with heavy wah-pedal action. Check out Morning Grace for a fat, fuzzed out bass tone, and listen for some compelling leads during on A Thousand Miles High.

You can find Valley Giant on Bandcamp. The digital album can be downloaded for $7. It is also available on CD for $7.50 as well as beautiful transparent purple or plain black vinyl for $23. Check out Electric Mountain’s social media for news and announcements.