The Sonic Sofa’s 420 Payload: Dozer, Green Yeti, Saint Karloff, and more…

Once a month, The Sonic Sofa jettisons some of the heaviest and coolest releases from the past month straight to your ear holes. The reviews are byte size to pack in even more jams. Click on links to support the musicians and use the built in song players to listen to stoner rock while you read! 

Fox Medicine release new full length, Doom Candy

Fox Medicine’s style is lavishly plush and definitely bubble-gummy. Strings and vocals are credited to Neezy Dynamite, who delivers high-flying melodies and some downright nasty riffs. Drums and percussion are performed by Vanny Keeps. The doomy Portland, Oregon duo released their new single, Dream Car, ahead of their new album, Doom Candy, which dropped on April 14. Find all of their music on Bandcamp.

New stoner blues album from Rainbow Bridge

Italian rock trio, Rainbow Bridge, produce a wall of sound that falls somewhere between blues and electric psychedelia. They’ve got a heavy blues groove with a classic rock sound and psychedelic aura, dripping with awesome guitar effects and catchy vocals. Check these guys out if you’re into bands like early Sabbath, King Hobo, or Kamchatka. Their new album, Drive, was released in March.

Hermopolis releases new single, Pontic Winds

Hermopolis formed roughly 4,000 years ago in Upper Egypt. In present times, the group is reportedly building up a mystical and ritualistic doom-mension in Europe and have released their first two digital singles, Pontic Winds and Al​-​Qarafa. Check out the band’s linktree for access to all of their platforms and music.

Dozer is back with a new single and album announcement

Dozer is back after a decade since their last release. They announced their eighth album, Drifting in the Endless Void will drop on April 21. In the meantime, they have released a couple of new singles, Ex-Human, Now Beast and Dust For Blood. The influential Swedish stoner rock group are as heavy as ever, with some super crunchy riffs, precise drum work, and high flying vocals.

Sun Mass release massive, low-end heavy stoner rock album

Missouri’s Sun Mass is the instrumental stoner doom project of Taylor McKnight who performs all instruments, as well as production and mastering on his debut record. The album, There’s Nothing Here, is insanely bass heavy, with an immense and awe inspiring emphasis on the low end. It features some cool artwork by Pnyxartwork. This is the perfect doom album for headbanging on a road trip or grooving to on the sofa.

Saint Karloff’s new single, Psychedelic Man, from upcoming album, Paleolithic War Crimes

Oslo’s Saint Karloff has announced their third full length, Paleolithic War Crimes. If their new single, Psychedelic Man, is any indication, the album is going to be a serious headbanger. Huge riffs, infectious guitar hooks and vocals, and a groovy rhythm section, this track has it all. The Norwegian power trio is dedicating the album to bassist, Ole Sletner, who lost his battle with cancer in 2019. For fans of bands like Clutch and early High on Fire. Paleolithic War Crimes releases June 2.

New stoner influenced alternative rock from Ruff Majik

Ruff Majik is a four piece rock band from Johannesburg, South Africa. The group blends desert rock tendencies, alternative-rock vocals, some sizzly guitar work, and the occasional horror movie sound-byte, into their own unique blend of riffy action. Active since 2015, the group is set to release their sixth full length album in April. The record is called Elektrik Ram, and the group has released several promotional singles: Queen of the Gorgons, Cement Brain, Elektrik Ram, and She’s Still a Goth.

Necropolitan, the spaced-out new album by Green Yeti

Hailing from Athens, Greece, Green Yeti is a three piece stoner doom band that specializes in delivering spaced out doom metal with a particularly raw and live sound. Their new album, Necropolitan, features a brutally deep and sinister bass tone, paired with an epic sounding drumset. Complete with exploratory guitar riffs, tons of spacy interludes, and a variety of vocal styles, Green Yeti have produced yet another ripping album.

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New psychedelic doom album from Acid King

Acid King has returned with their fifth studio album, Beyond Vision. It’s been five years since their last album, Middle of Nowhere Center of Everywhere, and it’s safe to say that the stoner rock community was drooling when the band teased the new singles, Mind’s Eye and Destination Psych, a few months back. Beyond Vision dropped in March, and it is a crusher. If you’re not familiar with Acid King, they fall in the smoky ranks of stoner doom bands like Sleep and Om, but with female vocals. It’s psychedelic stoner rock with a meditative quality. Basically, we’re talking about heavy music that you can either headbang with or gradually drift away to on the sofa.

Beyond Vision was released March 24

1. One Light Second Away 6:11
2. Mind’s Eye 7:11
3. 90 Seconds 4:49
4. Electro Magnetic 8:17
5. Destination Psych 1:36
6. Beyond Vision 6:06
7. Color Trails 7:57

One Light Second Way opens the album with a synthy intro, which was giving me vibes from The Thing, eventually evolving into a huge Sabbath-esque riff accentuated by a killer bassline. Mind’s Eye really showcases how good the drums sound in the mix, with some absolutely huge sounding cymbals and a full tom sound. Lori S. is in rare form with some trippy lyrics and one of the best guitar leads on the album. 90 Seconds is a spacy continuation of Mind’s Eye, with the riff slightly slower and heavier, hitting us one more time with Lori’s gritty vocals and more awesome drum work.

Video directed and edited by Dalan McNabola

At this point, the album has established itself as a slow burner, inducing psychedelic trance through repetition. Electro Magnetic solidifies that concept with a super spacy intro that meanders through cool bass and guitar expressions over the metronome of some fx’d drums. In Sleep fashion, the track launches into some massive, complex riffs, underscored by a full, rich bass tone, before transitioning back to the opening spacy section for the outro.

Acid King is on tour in 2023

Destination Psych and Beyond Vision are basically one track. It’s good to hear Lori’s ethereal vocals again on the title track, which also features slow riffs and a nice guitar lead. Color Trails finishes out the album in a strong way: after a spacy intro, we’re treated to some slow, stoner rock grooves and an energetic finish with some awesome drum work. A great end to a solid album.

Beyond Vision is available on Bandcamp for streaming and in multiple formats. It features mind-bending artwork by the acclaimed Maarten Donders, who has also created work for Dead Meadow. The album was released through doom label, Blues Funeral Recordings. Check out Acid King’s merch page for t-shirts and copies of back albums. Go to their official website for the latest updates. The band is active on social media.

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The Sonic Sofa’s New Music Payload for March 2023: Featuring Temptress, Bog Monkey, Skull Servant, and more…

We’re introducing the new “Payload” series, where once a month, The Sonic Sofa jettisons some of the heaviest and coolest releases from the past month straight to your ear holes. The reviews are quick so we can pack in even more jams. Click on links to support the musicians and use the built in song players to check out the bands while you read! Follow us on social media, let us know what you think of the The Sonic Sofa, and scroll to the end of the article for a free sticker!

Temptress release riffy debut album, See

Dallas stoner rock band, Temptress, released their debut album, See, on March 3rd. The Texas trio produces a grungy mix of stoner rock with plenty of chuggy riffs. The album features vocals provided by all band members, making for a diverse male and female mix, as well as some nice harmonies. See is available through Metal Assault Records and on Bandcamp. Check out Temptress if you’re into bands like Wo Fat.

New stoner metal from Bog Monkey

Bog Monkey are back with Hollow, their first full length record following their self-titled EP. Hollow is a riffy blend of stoner metal with aggressive vocals, tons of fuzzy guitar tones, and some awesome extended jams. The Atlanta, GA trio recorded their album at the Jam Room in South Carolina. It’s available on CD and streaming on Bandcamp. Check these guys out if you’re into bands like 10,000 Years.

Abanamat release trippy self titled debut

Abanamat is a Berlin-based four piece heavy-psych band. Their self-titled debut is mostly instrumental, but some tasteful, melodic vocals do come into play on a few of the tracks. Listen for lots of heavy blues jams, detailed heavy-psych audioscapes, and some awesome Middle Eastern influence, especially in the guitar leads. Check this out if you’re a fan of bands like Earthless. The album is on Bandcamp and pre-orders for CD and Vinyl are through Interstellar Smoke Records.

High and Low, groovy new stoner rock album by Eta Lux

Blending elements of stoner rock, doom, and psych, Germany’s Eta Lux produce music cram-packed with huge riffs and groovy stoner rock turnarounds. They’ve got a bluesy swagger, in-your-face vocals, and a cool overall sci-fi vibe. Fans of sci-fi rock like Droids Attack will appreciate these guys. Eta Lux’s new album, High and Low, is available on Bandcamp, on vinyl and streaming.

New music video from Poor Little Things

Poor Little Things has released a music video for their new single, One for the Road. The Australian band is a collaboration of Tina Jackson and Rollerball/The Marlboro Men guitarist, Dave Talon. The track has some brutal, 70’s-style metal riffs and some attitude filled female vocals. Check the music video, which has an awesomely retro Road Rash feel to it, and then go to their Bandcamp page to check out the rest of their releases.

Full-blooded, psychedelic doom from Hail the Void

Hail the Void is a psychedelic doom band from British Columbia, Canada. On their new album, Memento Mori, the band delivers a full-blooded onslaught of huge, slow riffs and tortured vocal melodies. Think Monolord level heaviness with the attitude of 1001 Mods and you’ll get the idea of the level of awesomeness of Memento Mori. The album is availabe on CD and vinyl on Bandcamp through Ripple Music.

Black Helium’s immersive new psych album, Um

London’s Black Helium have pushed the psychedelic boundary once again with the release of their beefy, 46 min EP, UM. The release has five impressively orchestrated compositions, transcending genres by blending space rock, doom, and heavy psych. It has an experimental sound with immersive psych textures. Black Helium is almost like if Black Sabbath and Tame Impala had a baby, and the baby was Elder, but from a different dimension. UM is available on CD and streaming on Bandcamp.

Skull Servant release Astral Apothecary

Psychedelic doom metal trio, Skull Servant, released their three song EP, Astral Apothecary, in March. The Chapel Hill, NC trio pack a witch’s cauldron of raw riffs, fuzzy bass, and occult lyrics into the release, and with track names like “Incantaion, Witch Fight, and Lucifer’s Reefer,” you know you’re in for a fun, wild ride. Check out Skull Servant on Bandcamp.

Anima, the new single by Sueños

Sueños is a psych rock group from Cape Town, South Africa. Anima is the first of a series of tracks that the four piece group have planned for release in 2023. On it, the band delivers a chill blend of flowing psych rock with a retro sound, enhanced by the fact that it was recorded live in the studio. Check this out if you’re into bands like Lewis & the Strange Magics. The group is active on social media.

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