The Gig Experiment provides surfy wah pedal and heavy riffs on new EP, Shark Attack

Shark Attack was released on October 29

The Gig Experiment is a three piece rock band from São Bernardo Do Campo, Brazil. The band is made up of Matheus Longhi on guitar, Marcus Moraes on bass and Demian Meneses on drums. They produce a surfy blend of instrumental heavy-psychedelic music with stoner-rock influences. Imagine the surfy flow of bands like Satan’s Pilgrims or Snake Mountain Revival, mixed with a light dose of the heavy riffage of Black Sabbath, and you get the idea.

Their new EP, Shark Attack, was released on October 29 and follows a live album called 220V Ao Vivo which is available to listen to in full by following this link to YouTube. With just three tracks on their new EP, Shark Attack is a short but very sweet ride. The guitar, bass, and drums sound raw, stripped down, and dialed in to deliver the grooves for the entire 10 minutes of the EP. It’s available for digital download on Bandcamp.

The first two tracks, Shark Attack and Poucas Ideia, are driving, wah pedal drenched barrel rides. The bass sounds thick and does several octave drops at key moments in the songs that really add to the beefiness. The drums have depth and come through really well in the mix with crashing cymbals and a full snare sound.

The third track, Três, dramatically slows the tempo and adds a vocal melody to the intro. The fuzzy, overdriven guitar really kicks in as well, adding some muscle to the song, hence the Black Sabbath comparison. A nice melodic guitar lead takes over for the vocal melody, and an upbeat outro finishes up the song.

The Gig Experiment is a three piece rock band from São Bernardo Do Campo, Brazil

All in all, it’s a very upbeat, catchy EP with some heavy moments. Unfortunately, the EP is very short, but it is definitely worth a listen. Keep an eye out for The Gig Experiment as their future releases should be promising. Make sure to check them out on Bandcamp. Also, find the band on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Thank for reading The Sonic Sofa. Go in peace and rock on, Sofanauts.

Weed worship abounds in “Stoner Days,” the heavy new track by Lemmy Saves (Free music)

Lemmy Saves is a four-piece stoner rock band from Itabuna, in the state of Bahia, Brazil. They produce heavy, fuzzy rock, with aggressive but melodic lyrics. The band has two releases: a slightly rough live demo from 2015 called Until the Light Takes Us, and their more refined August, 2019 single, Stoner Days. Both are available for free or “name your price” on Bandcamp.

Stoner Days is a track that’s all about, you guessed it, consuming the band’s favorite plant. According to a statement from the band, Stoner Days is, “A journey through the nostalgia of youth, and an attempt to bring the sound and feel of the comings and goings of their lives on the beautiful coast of Bahia, Brasil.” Clocking in at just three minutes and 13 seconds, the song makes a good addition to your stoner rock playlist, so pick up this free track today and get rocking. Go in peace and rock on, Sofanauts.