Sasquatch release heavy new album, Fever Fantasy

Fever Fantasy came out on June 3, 2022

Sasquatch is back with their sixth full length headbanger. The LA power trio released Fever Fantasy in June, and it is a heavy ride for all nine tracks. From epic opener, It Lies Beyond the Bay, Sasquatch are where they belong: in the driver’s seat with throttles wide open.

Craig Riggs, who joined the band for their previous album, Maneuvers, continues to provide a huge drum sound to back Keith Gibbs’s walls of fuzzy guitar riffs and Jason “Cas” Casanova’s growly bass tone. Gibbs also delivers plenty of catchy, attitude infused vocals, like on fifth track, Live Snakes.

1. It Lies Beyond The Bay 4:55
2. Lilac 4:14
3. Witch 4:43
4. Ivy 8:12
5. Live Snakes 4:03
6. Voyager 2:52
7. Part of Not Knowing 5:05
8. Save The Day, Ruin The Night 3:19
9. Cyclops 4:35

Sasquatch’s focus on emphasizing killer hooks is evident on high energy tracks like Lilac, and Save the Day, Ruin the Night. Listen for tight grooves and heavy buildups on Ivy. Some killer heavy blues riffs are released on Witch, Voyager, and Part of Not Knowing. On a few of the tracks, notably Witch and Ivy, tasty organ tones fill out the mix nicely.

On the back end, the album was recorded and mixed by Andrew Schneider who has been involved with the band’s production since II was released in 2006. Schneider has helped hone the band’s sound to it’s heaviest yet, with a raw, massive sound that easily translates to the stage. The cover artwork was created by Indonesia-based artist, Ian Permana, whose art, like a fever fantasy, beautifully blends fantasy and realism into something in between.

Clip of Voyager with full album-art visualization

If you’re into bands like Astroqueen, Nebula, Crobot, and Clutch, you’re going to dig Sasquatch. They’re hitting the road next month for an extensive tour which will cover North America, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The tour includes many of big rock festivals like Ripple Fest and Psycho Las Vegas. Find links to concerts and tickets on their website. Check them out on Bandcamp where you can order Fever Fantasy on vinyl or CD, browse tons of merch, and order back releases.

JUL 8 Mammothfest 2022 – Nea Karvali, Greece

JUL 15 Stoned From The Underground 2022 – Nöda, Germany

JUL 23 Ripplefest Texas – Austin, TX

JUL 25 Black Magic Social Club – Houston, TX

JUL 26 The Freetown Boom Boom Room – Lafayette, LA

JUL 27 Santos Bar – New Orleans, LA

JUL 28 Loosey’s – Gainesville, FL

JUL 29 Will’s Pub – Orlando, FL

JUL 30 The Wormhole Neighborhood Pub & Music Venue – Savannah, GA

JUL 31 Boggs Social & Supply – Atlanta, GA

AUG 2 TROLLEY PUB – Summerville, SC

AUG 3 Cafe 611 – Frederick, MD

AUG 4 Prost Bier and music hall – Griswold, CT

AUG 5 Saint Vitus Bar – New York, NY

AUG 6 The Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub – Cambridge, MA

AUG 7 The Piranha Bar – Montréal, QC

AUG 9 Brass Monkey – Nepean, ON

AUG 10 Hard Luck Bar – Toronto, ON

AUG 11 Westside Bowl – Youngstown, OH

AUG 12 Ace of Cups – Columbus, OH

AUG 13 Reggies Rock Club – Chicago, IL

AUG 14 Lyric Room – Green Bay, WI

AUG 15 7th Street Entry – Minneapolis, MN

AUG 16 Cosmic Eye Brewing – Lincoln, NE

AUG 17 Vultures – Colorado Springs, CO

AUG 18 Aces High Saloon – Salt Lake City, UT

AUG 19 Psycho Las Vegas Festival 2022 – Las Vegas, NV

AUG 20 Transplants Brewing Company – Palmdale, CA

AUG 21 Brick By Brick – San Diego, CA

SEP 1 VINNIES DIVE BAR – Southport, Australia

SEP 2 King Lear’s Throne – Fortitude Valley, Australia

SEP 3 The Vanguard – Newtown Nsw, Australia

SEP 4 The Baroque Room – Katoomba, Australia

SEP 7 La La La’s – Wollongong, Australia

SEP 8 The Basement Canberra – Belconnen, Australia

SEP 9 Singing Bird Studio – Frankston, Australia

SEP 10 Bendigo Hotel – Collingwood, Australia

SEP 11 ENIGMA BAR – Adelaide, Australia

SEP 15 Whammy Bar – Auckland, New Zealand

SEP 16 Valhalla – Wellington, New Zealand

SEP 17 12 Bar – Christchurch, New Zealand

Electric Mountain release high voltage desert rock album, Valley Giant

Valley Giant was released on May 27, 2022

The week, The Sonic Sofa travels to Mexico City for desert rock band Electric Mountain’s second full length release. The power trio burst onto the scene in 2013 with their classic rock influenced stoner rock sound, infused with plenty of high octane desert riffs. They put on a loud, headbanging show and have shared stages with Elder and Blackwater Holylight. Electric Mountain released their Self-Titled debut album in 2017. After a two-year hiatus, they’re back with their sophomore full length, Valley Giant, and it is well worth the wait.

Valley Giant was released in May on Electric Valley Records. It features beautiful extraterrestrial landscape art by Adam Burke of Nightjar Illustration. The album is nine tracks, clocking in at 46 minutes, though some streaming platforms include a tenth track, The Man. Throughout the record, the musicians blend a riffy blend of desert rock guitars and melodic vocals with a growly, driving rhythm section. What makes the album awesome are all of the extended, stoner rock turnarounds and classic rock breaks. It opens with short, heavy-blues intro, The Great Hall, and is a non-stop action ride until the lengthy and spacy closer, A Thousand Miles High. Filled with headbangers from start to finish, the album only slows down for a slight breather on the acoustic, At Last Everything, which also features some tasty vocal harmonies and hand percussion.

Electric Mountain formed in 2013

1. The Great Hall (Intro) 2:38
2. Outlanders 3:53
3. Morning Grace 5:14
4. Void 4:09
5. A Fistful of Grass 6:32
6. Desert Ride 5:00
7. Vulgar Planet 5:09
8. At Last Everything 4:31
9. A Thousand Miles High 8:41

Guitarist/vocalist Gibran Pérez pumps out the jams with fuzzy, heavy-blues riffs, and scorching solos infused with plenty of wah-pedal and phaser, and caps it off with clean, melodic vocals, that I felt like were reminiscent of early Sabbath, and possibly even Corrosion of Conformity. Drummer Max Cabrera keeps things solid and driving with some absolute balls to the walls drum beats and fills. Listen to the end of Outlanders for some Bonham-esque fills, and check out Desert Ride for some driving, desert rock drum-power. Jorge Trejo’s bass tone really stands out on the album, with a beefy tone, often spaced out with heavy wah-pedal action. Check out Morning Grace for a fat, fuzzed out bass tone, and listen for some compelling leads during on A Thousand Miles High.

You can find Valley Giant on Bandcamp. The digital album can be downloaded for $7. It is also available on CD for $7.50 as well as beautiful transparent purple or plain black vinyl for $23. Check out Electric Mountain’s social media for news and announcements.

Spiral Fires: The Spacey New EP by Geezer

Spiral Fires was released on February 8th, 2019

Spiral Fires, the new EP by Geezer, is a four-song psychedelic masterpiece. It is equal parts heavy blues and spacey walls of effects, and it switches back and forth effortlessly between infectious groove patterns, trance-inducing jams, spacey interludes, and heavy riffs. The result is 25 minutes of captivating music that will reward repeat listens.

“a natural feel and an improvised sound”

It’s difficult to define the particular brand of stoner rock that Geezer releases, but the heavy blues at its core is unmistakable. Most of the EP is fleshed out over a solid backbone of 3/4 or 6/8 time, creating a bluesy, swinging feel. It also allows the band to lay down rounds of riffs and constantly jam over them, which gives the album a natural feel and an improvised sound.

Pat Harrington, the only original member of the Kingston, New York trio, provides the vocals, guitars, and synths. Richie Touseull, who joined the band in 2015, returns on bass. Steve Markota, on drums, joins the group for the first time on this recording. The artwork for the album was created by Lee Fenyves. A limited edition vinyl has been announced by Kozmik Artifactz Records, the same label used by Somali Yacht Club and Church of the Cosmic Skull.

Spiral Fires Part I and II, two tracks that almost seamlessly meld into each other, open up the recording. Flowing waves of synth start up the double header and seem to set the tone for a spacy synthesizer voyage, but then a fuzzy guitar riff kicks in and is soon joined by the equally heavy bass and drums, laying down a fat, bluesy, three quarter time groove. Pat Harrington’s gritty, low-register vocals are perfectly suited to the crunchy riffs, and Harrington definitely knows his vocal range limits and works well within those confines.

“a psychedelic audioscape of trance-like blues”

Part II, an instrumental continuation of the first song, is similar in tone and more diverse in texture. As the band unfolds a psychedelic audioscape of trance-like blues, the guitar tones explore the scales of the song while the drums and bass keep the groove tightly in place. Subtle Middle-Eastern phrases are evident as the song slowly builds up, and for the higher energy finale, Harrington’s vocals are contrasted by the loftier notes of guest vocalist, Pam Grande.

The third song, Dark world, is written in three quarter time, with the guitar tones throughout the song really bringing a tasty Colour Haze vibe. With lyrics such as “children in cages” and “wildfire rages,” the lyrics speak of signs of the times and responding to corruption and sadness in the world. However, the lyrics do speak of hope in the end, and finally match the bright tones of the guitar leads.

Just as the first half of the EP featured two songs that melted into each other, Charley Reefer finishes off the recording with the same three quarter time signature which started on Darkworld. It opens with a cool, spacey synthesizer pattern before developing into a guitar lead which makes perfect use of delay and phaser effects. When the song kicks in to the main riff, we are introduced to one of the catchiest songs on the EP, and also the one with some of the strangest sounding and most progressive elements, with some drum beats and whimsical guitar leads that wouldn’t be out of place on a Primus album.

“diverse and cosmic”

Over all, Spiral Fires is a sonic trip that shows how diverse and cosmic the heavy blues genre really can be, and listening to the EP is truly a unique and enjoyable experience. For best results, kick back on the sofa with your strain of choice and listen to the whole EP from start to finish. It can be purchased and listened to on Bandcamp. Also, keep an eye out for several upcoming shows.

Spiral Fires Part 1 (Lyric Video)

Feb 27 The Anchor – Kingston, NY – W/ Forming the Void and Kings Destroy

Mar 20 Arlene’s Grocery – New York, NY – W/ Ode to Doom, Slush, Grass, The Ancient Stone

April 20 The Anchor – Kingston, NY – W/ River Cult, Eternal Black

April 23 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY W/ Kings Destroy